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We started with carefully analyzing the pickups in the bass of Lemmy Kilmister and then made them even ruder - that’s right, even more attack and punch - while also making sure they had plenty of clarity under heavy distortion. The results are three unique pickups, each hand-built in the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop and available in individual neck, middle or bridge models, or as a complete set in two or three pickup combimations. Available in either a direct mount for Lemmy Signature Basses or pickguard mount for traditional Rickebacker® basses. 




We are passionate about quality so we ask for your patience while we craft your pickup. Depending on the nature of your order, it may take up to 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Lemmy Kilmister Signature

The sound of Motörhead with all the rudeness and attack you'd expect.

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    Posted by on 1st Oct 2017

    I had a set of SRB-1's in my 4001 for a few years. I loved the bridge pickup very much but the neck pickup had such little output comparatively that it was practically unusable. I tried a Bartolini in the neck but I wasn't a fan because it had a darker tone than I liked and low output.

    I asked the Duncan Custom Shop to rewind my SRB-1n for more output to match the bridge pickup; they recommended the LEMMY KILMISTER SIGNATURE pickup and I went for it, and later picked up the bridge pickup as well.

    I installed these (covered, nickel, traditional mount) and I have to say they are absolutely beautiful! They have a warm sound with good punch and lots of output, and of course they sound phenomenal when pushed into distortion. I wired them with pull-pots for a series/parallel configuration which gives me lots of great tonal variations. To be honest I think I liked my SRB-1b a little better than the Kilmister bridge pickup because the SRB-1b seems a little clearer and has a little more punch, but then the Kilmister bridge does have more character.

    I would be ecstatic about these pickups were it not for the "stratitus" effect! The magnets are pulling on my strings so hard that my notes warble; the higher up the neck I go the more they warble until it sounds like I'm playing through a rotating speaker! It's not easy to set you intonation when your strings warble. I've lowered these pickups as far as they can go which slightly diminished the stratitus and noticeably diminished the tone.

    I wondered, how could Lemmy have used these pickups?? I took a look at his custom bass and noticed that his bridge pickup is nestled up against his bridge where the strings are stiffer. Aha!

    So now I'm in a quandary; I can't really use the bass as-is in any professional context, I certainly can't record with it, but I love these pickups! I may try a set of JBE's and keep the Kilmister's for a custom bass built around them (=$$$) or sell them on eBay (sadness).

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