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The Frankenstein Custom Humbucker is designed to provide the punch, power, harmonics, and dynamics that fueled some of the most exciting and memorable guitar riffs of all time. As unique as Eddie, the Frankenstein Custom Humbucker is perfect for rhythm, lead, and everything in between.

There are good tones, there are great tones, and then there are tones that change the world forever. Edward Van Halen’s sound is the latter …and it got there instantaneously, with the first chord of his first record 40 years ago. That sound—with its punch, dimension, aggression, and detail defined an era, launched a tsunami of imitators, and inspired a generation. Now you can get your hands on a pickup that can deliver those VH tones, with all the harmonics, complexity, and power associated with his iconic guitar parts. Massive power chords and soaring single-note lines are all at your fingertips. And because of its incredible clarity and depth, the Frankenstein Custom Humbucker is also perfect for those VH style riffs that combine chords, melody, and technical nuance all at once, maintaining definition and speaking with a loud, clear voice. Another hallmark of Eddie’s style is his brilliant use of dynamics. Whether by altering his attack or rolling down his volume knob, the Frankenstein Custom Humbucker is supremely responsive, making it easy to seamlessly morph from clean to dirty, for a range of tones few humbuckers can match. This is a pickup packed with inspiration.

  • The articulate highs, aggressive midrange, and punchy lows of the classic VH Sound.
  • Dynamic enough to clean up even with very high gain.
  • A pickup so dimensional and wide-range that it gets the seal of approval from one of the all-time greats, Mr. Edward Van Halen.

The Frankenstein Custom Humbucker is proudly made in Santa Barbara, California.

We are passionate about quality so we ask for your patience while we craft your pickup. Depending on the nature of your order, it may take 8-10 weeks for delivery.



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  1. Killer tone, feel and dynamics! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Jul 2019

    The Frankenstein pickup is easily my favorite humbucker I've ever played. It's got all that top end and mid range sizzle, with great chunky bass as well. It really livened up my guitar with a floyd rose on it, and has great sustain now. This pup is also super responsive to pick attack and your guitars volume knob, it cleans up and has an almost shimmering quality just by picking softer. Chords ring out true and don't get muddy, you can pick out every note being played. It's also a very harmonically rich pup, they ring out all over the neck with ease. It's got EVH tone in spades, it was exactly what I was looking for. The aging on the pup also looks perfect in my 32 year old guitar. I love this pickup!

  2. Really Hot Pickup With Great Tone Control 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jul 2019

    Once again, there's a reason EVH is the king. He played with the sound and tone of his pickups so much, he finally produced the perfect pickup you need. And Seymour Duncan duplicated it perfectly. This pickup has great rock and heavy metal sound when cracked up. It's got such a animalistic growl to it. Then you can just about create a pinch harmonic anywhere on the fretboard where others have had issues. Then when you pull the volume back, you get such a warm, clean tone that is easily controllable with just the volume knob. I'm completely amazed and satisfied with this pickup that I purchased another one for a different guitar build and I can't wait to hear the sound in that one too. Thanks to Eddie for the decades of trial and error. And thanks to Seymour for duplicating that for others like me to be able to enjoy it.

  3. The Best Pickup in the World 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th May 2019

    These are the most articulate pickups distorted Ive ever played. They nail that mid crunch sweet spot yet you can still identify the individual notes you're playing. Effortless harmonics for days! True searing leads!

    Thank you guys at Seymour Duncan!!!

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