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Product Description

The George Lynch Hunter Signature Pickup

Specifically designed to George’s exacting specs for a powerful and dynamic response, providing the harmonics, dimension, and firepower that George’s style demands.

The only thing that could ever overshadow George Lynch’s incredible technique is his amazing sense of guitar tone. George has gotten so many great tones over the years (and has used such an eclectic collection of gear) that chasing after his tonal recipe can seem mysterious and daunting. But despite that vast array of sounds, which go from pristine cleans to fire-breathing leads, when we talk about the classic “Lynch Tone,” we’re generally talking about one thing: a huge, mean rock tone, with full lows, a ferocious top end, and a complexity that is alive with harmonics. If you had to choose one pickup to capture that signature sound, you should do what George does: Go with the George Lynch Hunter pickup. With its high output, ceramic magnets, and custom wind, the Hunter brings all the muscle for power chords and easy access to harmonic squeals, while remaining transparent enough for the “not quite clean but not exactly dirty” tones that he is so great at.

The Hunter comes with the Lynch Tone seal of approval. It’s not easy to play like George, but it just got easier to nail his sound.

DC Resistance: 15.41k


George Lynch Hunter


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Product Reviews

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  1. GL The Hunter 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Aug 2018

    I had the custom shop built me The Hunter for the bridge position of my Ash Guthrie Govan Charvel, and I can’t be happier! I guess it kind of feels like a happy medium between a JB and a Distortion. In my specific guitar it retains perfect tight lows, great mids, great top end without being harsh and dynamics out the wazoo. Easily my favorite super strat pickup I’ve ever had, I can’t speak highly enough about it!

  2. Outstanding Tone! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Mar 2018

    This pickup is hot without being too hot. Very articulate. Cleans up nicely when rolling back the volume. Pinch harmonics have never sounded sweeter! Thank you, Seymour Duncan and George Lynch.